At Staffing Connect, we offer a wide range of recruitment opportunities in the fields of Education, Social Care and Home Care.


Our selection of jobs is unrivalled with excellent pay rates and our service excellence is undisputed not only among our clients but among our candidates as well. Our recruitment consultants understand your individual personal and professional goals and then put you through the placement process, not only providing you with a job but also pushing you towards your goal.


We are looking for motivated candidates who are looking for interesting and challenging roles working with varied age groups to make a change in their lives. Our placements are in supportive working environments with clients we have established healthy working relationships over a period of time.

Candidates - Growth & Opportunity

Our rigorous vetting process which includes DBS and in-depth reference checks prior to placement ensures fair selection of candidates.


Our requirements at the time of registration are:·

  1. A copy of your passport 

  2. A copy of your visa – including the date stamp of entry into the UK (if applicable) 

  3. Police check from your home country (if applicable) 

  4. Evidence of your NI number 

  5. 1 Passport sized photo 

  6. Proof of your UK address  

  7. 2 Referees details – one current, one from the most recent employment 

  8. CV with employment history over the last 5 years.


If you have any further queries about our services, please contact us.