To ensure that you are paid correctly you must take a timesheet with you to all work placements. It is made up of three parts so that all the parties involved can keep a copy (the white part is for us).


Please hand the timesheet to your manager or supervisor at the end of your shift or assignment, and make sure that they have signed it and written the hours you have worked. It is vital that the information on your timesheet is complete and correct so please allow enough time to check this before you leave as mistakes are easily made.


If your timesheet is wrong we may not be able to pay you as we are unable to process unsigned, un-named or undated time sheets. To pay you we will have to speak to you and/or the client before payroll cut-off which may be difficult.


Timesheets MUST be submitted to our office before 10am on Monday

or they will not be processed until the following week. For Bank Holiday Mondays the payroll will be run on a Tuesday and timesheets must be here for 10am.


There are five ways to submit your time sheet:

• Upload your timesheet online (below)

• Personally hand in the timesheet at our office

• Place your timesheet in our letterbox

• Fax your timesheet to: 0203 841 6441

• Email your time sheet:


Please do NOT rely on the postal services to get here on time as we know it may not happen –we have experienced this!


It is solely your responsibility to get your timesheets completed and handed in on time.


Download your timesheet here.